Infection Control System Worcestershire

During these trying times of a virus pandemic, one of the things we can do to make sure that we help stop the virus spread is keeping our area clean by disinfecting it properly and regularly. FINECLEAN brings you an Infection Control System that combats viruses and bacteria spread that is affordable and environmentally friendly.

Our Infection Control System is based on the National Health Service 2010 Smart Solutions Winner breakthrough in infection control solution for its use across the UK healthcare network. Smart Solutions – an NHS programme to find innovative products and services, already in use in industry, to help hospitals boost their infection control procedures.

We use a cold-water fogging technique to treat all premises using a formula that includes four different biocides. It is far quicker than traditional fogging methods, enabling treated areas to be back in operation within an hour.

Contact us now and let’s make sure that no virus or bacteria remain on the surface of your workplace or home.

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