Our Story

FINECLEAN® is Worcestershire’s premier cleaning company founded in 2016 by Gabriel Pereira – a student then, who has firsthand knowledge on how grueling it was to maintain a clean household with six other housemates.

Wanting to address the gap in the cleaning service market where companies at that time took less notice of the cleaning services needs of students and their accommodations, Gabriel created the company that since grown to cater not just to students but businesses and clients who need reliable and quality solutions to their cleaning problems. Since the company was founded, we have established good working relationships with our clients and win more and more people believing in our service.

We are continuously expanding our services not just in Worcestershire but across the Midlands and nationwide. As part of our responsibilities to our clients, community and the world, we take efforts in securing that we offer GREEN and SAFE cleaning services. We have achieved ISO9001 and 14001, the international standard in Environment Management System and occupational health and safety.
In FINECLEAN®, we prioritise your needs as well as your schedule because you are not just our client, you are our partner. We could give you more and more reason to choose us but words won’t be enough unless you experience it yourself.