Specialised Cleaning

Professionally trained staff.

Scrubbing a greasy oven can be a daunting task within the household and much more in commercial establishments. It can be difficult and time-consuming. It requires knowledge and skills to make sure that your equipment is up for use for years to come!

In FINECLEAN, we understand the intricacy involved in oven cleaning that is why we only have the best and fully trained staff which we call “specialist” to handle your equipment. We can guarantee that we can restore your oven near to its showroom condition! We use the latest technology in oven cleaning that is safe and eco-friendly.

So, sit back and relax and let us handle your oven cleaning service today. Contact us now to know more about our services.

Professional window cleaning.

A window is an integral part of any structure, may it be commercial properties or residential homes. A sight of a dirty window may send a wrong impression. Thus, keeping it pristine and spotless is a must.

FINECLEAN offers flexible and quality window cleaning service in Worcestershire. Our staff is trained and skilled to do the task. We can adapt our services depending on your need. We offer both the latest technology in window cleaning and even the traditional way for old windows.
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Professional carpet cleaning in Worcestershire.

Carpets add up to the overall ambiance of any room – at your home or your office. It can brighten up a room and give a sense of warmth and comfort to anyone who enters. But, at the same time, maintaining a carpet can be a tiring task. Carpets and other furniture are exposed to dust, dirt, pollutants or even bacteria every day.

We value your safety in FINECLEAN, we know a clean room with well-maintained carpets and furniture mean better health for you! Thus we offer the best carpet and upholstery cleaning service you can find in Worcestershire. Our staff uses eco-friendly products which will leave your carpet germ-free and in its best state.

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